Pantheon Rise of the Fallen talks pre-alpha Season 3’s new region and future testing content plans


With Season 2 of pre-alpha for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen winding forward to its final weeks, the devs at Visionary Realms are now putting much of their attention into Season 3, so that’s naturally the focus of the studio’s latest Q&A video.

Chapter 1 Season 3 of testing will introduce the realm of Hanggore, the Orcish “land of blood and snow,” as its main attraction. This upcoming level 25-32 area promises to be a bit larger than the current season’s region of Mad Run, with new areas to explore and the return of a frigid climate for players to deal with, along with a number of fixes that address things like a Unity memory leak and buff stacking; more details are promised in forthcoming patch notes.

The video also looked further down the road for the MMORPG’s seasonal test content, confirming the arrival of the Ogre race and the Summoner and Ranger classes for Chapter 2 Season 1, at least two seasons for Chapter 2, and the addition of the Halnir Cave sometime within the next two chapters.

Finally, the studio discussed its intention to work on difficulty balance later, confirmed plans to further flesh out starter zones, talked up plans for reagents for certain classes like bone fragments, and offered updates on goblin and human character models. The complete Q&A video awaits below, or you can look through some quick notes on Reddit if you don’t have an hour to watch yourself.

sources: YouTube, Reddit
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