Mabinogi’s latest quality-of-life update lets players enjoy minigames anywhere


The month of April is all about quality-of-life improvements for players of Mabinogi, as the game’s most recent patch has offered several things to make the MMO more enjoyable. Which is pretty much the definition of a quality-of-life patch. It’s genuinely that simple.

The tentpole feature for this update is a new minigames menu that lets players enjoy all of the minigames in the wider MMO, with seven single-player games and the multiplayer game Mafia all available to select. There are also 28 new journal achievements related to minigames added as well.

The rest of Mabinogi’s new QoL features include the addition of vanity titles, the ability to set titles for primary and secondary equipment slots, and the ability to adjust font size for the message log and chat bubbles. As for the rest of the patch, that includes adjustments to monster and item names, limits access to VIP features in the Stage of Trials, and crushes a long list of bugs.

source: official site (1, 2)
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