Embers Adrift launches October 15, confirms its box price and subscription model


It looks like Embers Adrift, the crowdfunded MMORPG once known as Saga of Lucmia, is on its way to the end of beta and into full release. Stormhaven Studios saw fit to reveal a launch date of Saturday, October 15th, and its pricing information. In an image. On its forum.

The announcement touts the variety of features of Embers Adrift such as its low fantasy setting, its entirely PvE-focused gameplay for solo players and groups of up to six, the game’s dynamic soundtrack, crafting and equipment imbuing systems, and non-linear dungeons. Players start with one of three base roles that branch out into nine different specializations for more specific playstyle preferences including crowd control as well as an expected holy trinity of archetypes.

The announcement also details its previously mentioned monetization model, confirming a box price and subscription: Players who want to dive in can buy the game at a discount of $30 through the month of October, which includes 30 days of game time, and take advantage of a discounted sub price of $10 a month if subscriptions are locked in before the end of 2022. Otherwise, subscriptions will cost $15 a month starting in 2023 and the box price will rise to $40 after this month.

sources: press release, official forums. Thanks, Thilly!
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