Embers Adrift plans beta and NDA drop for March 1, launch later this year


Embers Adrift has been teasing an announcement all week, as now we know what’s up: beta. “Stormhaven Studios is excited to announce that Embers Adrift will officially enter closed beta testing on March 1st, 2022,” the studio revealed today. The NDA will also drop on March 1st, and everything will be wiped before launch, so this is a real beta, complete with a stress test in the middle for those who want to check it out but don’t want to pony up the box fee for the beta.

“As an indie studio we truly appreciate your support as we approach beta and launch. For those who may just be learning about Embers Adrift the opportunity to obtain Alpha rewards will be offered for one additional month. Once we enter beta stage on March 1st the Alpha Pre-Order Rewards will no longer be available. We can confirm that Embers Adrift will be a subscription-based game at $14.99/mo. To celebrate our launch we will be offering a discounted subscription of $9.99 for a limited time after launch.”

Formal launch is still expected in 2022. Readers will recall that Embers Adrift was originally the crowdfunded MMO called Saga of Lucimia; it rebranded as Embers Adrift following the bizarre departure of its original founders last year.

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