Saga of Lucimia studio splits from the Anderson brothers, says game dev ‘continues full steam ahead’


Last week, we covered the surprising news that the founder of Saga of Lucimia, Tim Anderson, was no longer working on the game. The revelation came courtesy of a Patreon post for a new game being built by his family; the January posting says that they had stepped back from Lucimia’s development and hadn’t been involved with the game since last September, though Anderson said he was still attached to the company behind it, Stormhaven Studios. But at the time, neither he nor the studio would discuss what exactly was going on behind the scenes or why the backers and testers hadn’t been told half a year ago when the duo ceased work on the game.

Now it appears that the brothers have been entirely severed from both the project and the company. Stormhaven sent us a press release stating as much this afternoon.

“Timothy and Joseph Anderson have withdrawn as members of Stormhaven Studios LLC and no longer represent the company in any capacity,” the studio writes. “The remaining team wishes them well in their future endeavors and thanks them for their contributions to the project.

“Stormhaven Studios remains committed to delivering an engaging MMORPG experience as development continues full steam ahead. Weekly testing sessions with the community have allowed the team to test critical infrastructure and gather feedback on gameplay features as they are introduced. At the current pace of production Stormhaven is confident in its ability to bring the product to launch in a timely manner.”

The studio further promises “a number of exciting announcements […] on the horizon.”

As we’ve previously noted, Lucimia is a group-centric MMORPG that’s been in development since 2015; its most recent launch window was set for this year. The studio fell noticeably quiet over the last year, but it has maintained through Discord communications that development continues and that the game’s development has not slowed down.

Source: Stormhaven Studios press release
In an additional statement made to MMORPG, Stormhaven has clarified that due “legal reasons,” this announcement’s date was chosen prior to the reveals last week. “I’d like to make the distinction that Tim and Joey aren’t simply not involved, but are in fact no longer owners of Stormhaven Studios or connected to the company in any way as of today, March 15th,” a representative for the studio said.
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