Yes, more than this.

The Stardew Valley x Baldur’s Gate 3 mod exists and is eyeing an initial release this winter

It's undeniable that one of the things that made Baldur's Gate 3 such a joy to play through was watching your party members and...

Legends of Aria Classic lays out massive June overhaul patch, postpones subscription

Legends of Aria Classic is squarely in the "a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one" tier for 2024 as its original developer...
He seems happy.

Wisdom of Nym: What we learned about Final Fantasy XIV’s Viper, Pictomancer, and job updates from the live letter

We do not yet know as much as you think about how the Final Fantasy XIV jobs are going to look in Dawntrail. I...
Reveal to me your secrets! Please.

MMO Week in Review: Pandaria Remix, Loot Reborn, Wayfinder Echoes

What a hell of a week for the MMO genre! Good and bad, as it were. We got previews of FFXIV Dawntrail, Guild Wars 2's...

Kickstarted MMORPG-turned-TCG Genfanad gives up, will sunset April 30

ArcheAge isn't the only MMORPG announcing a sunset this week: Kickstarter success Genfanad is apparently closing its doors too. Genfanad is a browser-based nostalgia-driven indie...

MMO Week in Review: Skull & Bones departs drydock

Skull & Bones finally drifted into its soft launch open beta after eleventy billion delays and do-overs, and... it's actually not terrible? And it's...

Open Perpetuum is bringing land mines, new weapons, and T4 balancing sometime in ‘Marchish’

Markish your calendarsh because the Perpetuum emulator Open Perpetuum is going to be releasing Patch 31 sometime in "Marchish." When is Marchish? We're notsh...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: IdleRune, Don’t Die in the West, Ikariam

Welcome back to another quick roundup of MMOs and MMO-adjacent multiplayer titles you’ve (probably) never heard of! This time I'm the one steering this...

Order of the Elements is a new old-school MMO hoping to launch on Steam in 2025

Howasabout another upcoming MMO to watch on Steam? Order of the Elements is stepping up to be just that MMO. Developer TigerRoll has the...

Genfanad dates closed beta testing of its card game combat revamp for October 20

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been chronicling Genfanad's decision to revamp its combat model into a card game-based system known as the...

Genfanad elaborates on trading card combat conversion and its effects on crafting and social features

Last month, old school-inspired MMORPG Genfanad decided to trade in its behind-the-scenes dice roll combat model for a trading card game-styled deckbuilder instead -...

Genfanad is swapping out its classic MMORPG combat model with a TCG deckbuilder instead

The old-school-styled indie MMORPG Genfanad was always something of a unique duck in our genre, but Rose Tinted Games' next major update is going...

Whatever happened to early access VR MMO Neon Exile?

Back in May 2021, the early access VR MMO Neon Exile broke its two-year-long bout of radio silence with word of an upcoming PvP...

Discord announces additional monetization via new subscription gating tools for server creators

For regular users of the chat program Discord, monetization of the platform began a potentially worrying trend when the company announced the server subscriptions...

Valheim kindly asks mod makers to remove paywalls and elaborate their unofficial nature

As a rule, Valheim doesn't have any official modding tools or offer official mod support. That naturally hasn't stopped the community from making mods...
So many intelligent decisions!

No, we didn’t write a ‘testimonial review’ supporting Kickstarter MMO Magic to Master

A couple of years back, we reported on the resurrection of Magic to Master, aka M2M, which along with Laniatus had apparently changed hands...

Kickstarted Vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss may release into early access by the year’s end

Just when you thought you knew everything that was going to release for the rest of 2022, here comes a pack of vampires and...

Antilia unleashes its wild side in the realm of multiplayer sandbox design

Mentally shopping around for an open world sandbox with as much freedom as your imagination allows? Mosey on over to Antilia, a new fantasy...

One Shots: You’ll never be this exalted

For your average farmer or scribe in Guild Wars 2's world, they'll never find themselves in the presence of so much swirly, sparkly awesomeness...

Player-run Glitch reboot continues updates with new features, UI overhauls, and a pet rock

Regular readers know that we've been covering the sandbox MMO Glitch for a very long time now. The game originally shut down in 2012...