Kickstarted Vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss may release into early access by the year’s end


Just when you thought you knew everything that was going to release for the rest of 2022, here comes a pack of vampires and werewolves to keep things spicy. The indie vampiric MMO Shadow’s Kiss announced that it should be hitting Steam early access before the year’s end.

“We’ve had servers up for the beta test for the last several weeks and have worked through a veritable mountain of bugs, and thankfully, very few crashes,” the studio said. “As such, we are pleased to announce that we will be releasing onto Steam early access in about two weeks. That’s not a hard deadline, but we think it’s doable.”

Shadow’s Kiss first came onto the scene in 2016, when it raised a modest sum from a Kickstarter campaign and Patreon, promising a darker-themed MMORPG experience.

The studio said that the early access build will include an integrated store to help fund ongoing development and hire more devs.

Source: Kickstarter. Thanks DDOCentral!
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