Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s April schedule is hopefully a joke

While there's always hope for a good April Fools' Day prank, Pokemon Go's April Schedule doesn't have one listed, at least not yet. Unfortunately,...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Scribes of Fate hits console as Chip Theory’s TES boardgame opens crowdfunding

Console fans are finally getting a taste of Elder Scrolls Online's Scribes of Fate DLC after watching PC fans play it a few weeks,...

Neverwinter’s Salvatore-penned Menzoberranzan module is live on PC and console today

Happy Menzoberranzan day! Neverwinter fans better have the spelling of that word down pat because the full release rolls out to the live PC...

Global Chat: Diablo IV is an MMO, change my mind

Besides melting GPUs, ejecting colors into the sun, and being more grim than your unapproving Aunt Kelka, Diablo IV's becoming known for actually being...

XLGames’ NFT MMO ArcheWorld arrives in the Americas April 20 in spite of (or because of) weak start in Asia

XLGames continues to march forward with the global release of ArcheWorld, the NFT and blockchain-linked version of ArcheAge that technically launched for some Asian regions...

Not So Massively: Wolcen’s Endgame is one of online gaming’s all-time worst blunders

Speaking as a long-time fan of the game, I think the post-launch management of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has been an absolute mess. There...
Hire a... you know the drill.

Final Fantasy XIV brings back its free login campaign and hands out the Stormblood expansion for a limited time

Are you a lapsed Final Fantasy XIV player who is looking for some free login time? Or perhaps you're looking to buy the game's...

Dungeons and Dragons Online hands out free questing coupons to all

I've long held the opinion that Dungeons and Dragons Online is one of the more underrated MMORPGs on the market, especially with its narration,...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Quest Master’s Realm, Cheats PU, and Verses of Enchantment

Welcome back to another quick roundup of some MMOs and multiplayer titles you've very likely never heard of - or at least haven't heard...

The Other World is a multiplayer action survival RPG promising an evolving land of lore instead of story

It's time to once more delve into the fanciful, big promise-delivering world of crowdfunded multiplayer and MMO games. Today we've been directed at The...

Destiny 2 actor Lance Reddick was an active player of the game right before his passing

It would be easy to assume that actors of pathos who are part of a video game's voice cast would simply get into the...

Wolcen launches Endgame update with new story chapter and massive progress reset

More than three years after its launch, multiplayer Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has at last provided a conclusion to its main story with its...

Neverwinter’s Menzoberranzan launches March 28 ahead of the game’s tenth birthday

Cryptic and Gearbox formally announced that Neverwinter's Menzoberranzan module will roll out to PC and console on March 28th. Menzoberranzan is the game's 25th...
Being back in Azeroth might be a little more reassuring.

Former Trion boss Scott Hartsman illuminates the rise and fall of RIFT

Yesterday, we ran an editorial from MOP's Tyler focused on his reasoning that MMOs are better off showcasing their own special attributes than tearing...

SMITE studio promises to hunt and ban accounts tied to a harassment campaign that targeted women

Titan Forge Games, aka the Hi-Rez Studios team behind SMITE, are making it very plain that targeted harassment will not be tolerated. The studio...
she YELL

World of Warcraft gives every inactive account free Dragonflight access for the weekend

So, how's World of Warcraft: Dragonflight doing? Well, the game is running a promotional campaign this weekend offering expansion access to every inactive account...

Frozen Flame previews its upcoming survival mode with cataclysmic events

With a closed alpha test starting tomorrow, early access MMO Frozen Flame is bound to be drawing some attention this season. While it has...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go kicks off Rising Heroes by lurking in shadows

Pokemon Go players know better than anyone that Niantic's really not great at communicating. Not only did the new season, Rising Heroes, launch in...
Do you hear what I hear?

Final Fantasy XI celebrates the approach of spring with various player boosts

The upcoming Spring Cometh campaign in Final Fantasy XI will not make your character run faster, jump higher, and hit harder. It will, however,...

Black Desert Mobile launches on a whole bunch of new Mac devices today

Black Desert is expanding to new platforms this year: Pearl Abyss has just announced that Black Desert Mobile will roll out to Mac -...