Warcraft Rumble introduces Cenarion family minis and the Moonglade zone in Season 7


The quick-hitting mobile mini battling title Warcraft Rumble has decided to invite the Cenarion family over for its Season 7, bringing on several new minis from the famous family line and a new zone for them to rumble in. Or for any other minis army to rumble in, really; nobody says you have to use the Cenarion minis.

Of course, regular players may be encouraged to: The Cenarion character additions include two leaders and three troops, each with some potent abilities such as the power AoE healing of Cenarius, the tanky Bog Beast, or the ranged damage of the Moonkin.

As for the Moonglade map, that will feature five total bosses to brawl against that are likely familiar to series fans such as Brightwing and Ysera. These new boss additions have their own level on the campaign map and can be challenged again in heroic versions for extra rewards.

On top of these updates, Season 7 launches a limited-time Cenarion Summer Festival event with several rewards including an item that lets players add a star to a favorite mini, and there’s a new emote to collect. Details on the event and the Cenarion minis are outlined on the game’s site and the video below.

sources: press release, official site
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