Last Epoch stresses QOL improvements coming with its Harbingers of Ruin update


We’re on the cusp of receiving Last Epoch’s anticipated Patch 1.1: Harbingers of Ruin, which is scheduled to arrive on July 9th. While you may be enamoured with the major features of the update, such as a new faction and dodge rolling, there are plenty of quality-of-life improvements that the team would love to highlight.

In a new dev blog, some of these smaller but still notable changes were listed. Players can expect to see the ability to change blessings without losing progress, improvements to the ladder system, a way to search the Monolith Timeline map, more filters for loot, changes to item factions, two new ranks to Circle of Fortune, a less frustrating Gaze of Orobyss mechanic, and some sweeter offerings for the Merchant’s Guild.

There are also lots of class changes coming with 1.1, including tweaks to skills, passives, and channeling. One cool change is that players should see mana regenerating during channeling if they’ve invested into such a perk.

“We have also heard your feedback on the Bazaar search function and the team is currently working on updates to this system — especially affix searching — which we plan to release as soon as it’s ready during the 1.1 Cycle,” the devs said.

Source: Last Epoch
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