Vehicle-building survivalbox TerraTech Worlds updates planet settings and automation


It’s been roughly four months since the vehicular-focused survival sandbox TerraTech Worlds entered into early access, which is more than enough time for us to take a peek and see just what its progress has been like.

As one might expect, every major update to the game has come with several bug fixes and balance adjustments, which were an unsurprising focus of a couple of its earliest patches, but successive updates have been introducing new things to the game: May brought with it new planet settings features that let players customize their game experience further along with a lock-on feature and aim assist updates, while an update in June applied several automation improvements, a new prospector guide, and the ability to apply custom skins to construct pieces.

The June patch also introduced minor features like storm force winds, new wheels, and the ability for the tutorial to work in multiplayer, while future updates outlined on the game’s roadmap include terrain deformation, new planets and biomes, boss battles, aerial combat, and a creative mode. Meanwhile, current Steam reviews sit at “mixed,” with players either enjoying themselves or getting bored, or they see the potential yet point out that the game needs more time in the oven.

source: Steam (1, 2)
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