TerraTech Worlds is a new survivalbox for our vehicle-loving friends


It’s not a traditional MMORPG, but Payload Studios’ TerraTech Worlds is scooting right along the edge as a co-op PvE survival title that might entice you anyway. It’s notable not just because it’s a sequel to TerraTech but because it’s not the kind of survivalbox where you slowly level up by punching trees and trying not to die to the elements. In fact, this survival sandbox is vehicle-based.

TerraTech Worlds invites players to explore dangerous biomes, gather valuable resources, and build unique bases and vehicles to fend off roaming bandits,” Payload Studios explains. “Offering dynamic weather, day and night cycles as well as enemies with their own behaviours and needs, TerraTech Worlds distils a decade of learning into a fresh sandbox survival experience. […] Built from the ground up in Unreal Engine 5 and optimised for large scale simulation, the game was designed for co-op PVE multiplayer that supports up to 6 players. TerraTech Worlds surpasses every limitation of the original game, with a beautiful, 300km² planet, fully deformable terrain, water physics, factory automation gameplay and vastly expanded customisation.”

The game was open for a demo last week, but if you missed that, it doesn’t seem you’ll have long to wait for a taste; we don’t have a hard launch date yet, but the early access roadmap extends well into the spring of 2025, promising everything from terrain tools, new plants, aerial combat, submarines, and base customization.

Source: Steam, press release
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