World of Warcraft game designer shares the full backstory of the Mists of Pandaria Warlock revamp


While Mists of Pandaria isn’t exactly the talk of the World of Warcraft scene right now, it may be when Mists Classic is invariably announced. However, fans who are interested in the nitty gritty of game design might find a three-part essay from Blizzard Game Designer Alexander Brazie to be fascinating stuff as he talks about the redesign of the Warlock class for that expansion.

“A close mentor of mine asked me to explain to him why the MoP Warlock was such a polarizing and dramatic creation – and how it came to be,” Brazie said. “The Warlock which was the first class to break the upper limit [of skill additions] so severely that the class’ playrate dropped, becoming 42% less popular than other classes from Wrath of the Lich King into Cataclysm.”

It’s a fascinating read that provides a lot of behind-the-scenes insights for how and why Blizzard heavily reshaped this class — and why it continues to tinker with all of its professions to this day.

Source: Wowhead
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