Waven extends its tutorials and cleans up some guidance with its latest patch


Tutorials are kind of important when video games want people to actually play instead of stare blankly at the screen murmuring “so how do I make the happy chemicals happen,” so it’s a good thing that Waven is extending its tutorials. The latest patch extends those tutorials through Astrub, adds contextual explanation windows for systems that players will encounter for the first time, and also moves the Battle Pass unlock and explanation a little later in progression. Fun times all around.

For players who are already very well tutorialized (we know that’s not actually a word, don’t send in tips about it) the game has also made a number of balance tweaks and improved the optimization for mobile devices, both of which should be welcome additions. You can check out the full patch notes for the granular details. But if you’ve been holding off on jumping in, now you can do so with more confidence in the lessons.

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