Tower of Fantasy kicks off new events and casts another spotlight on new character Yanuo


Tower of Fantasy players may already have met Yanuo, the new simulacrum that was the headline of last week’s update, but that isn’t stopping Tencent’s Hotta Studio from tossing out a second highlight reel, this time with a bit less lore and more mechanics-specific details.

This recent video gives players a more in-depth peek at how Yanuo’s spear Wicked is used from range with aimed throws to start off massive attack chains, whether it’s a series of strikes that engage time stop or a large AOE attack. The possibilities in combat vary depending on where the spear is aimed and how long the initial throw charge is held, so those who are curious to learn more about this weapon’s potential in Yanuo’s hands may want to watch the footage below.

In other TOF news, the past week has been mostly about engaging new events, including daily login rewards, a series of in-game races every half hour for up to 300 players, and the return of a summertime outfit for Lin.

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