Tower of Fantasy showcases its frosty spear-swinging new character arriving February 20


She’ll swing a spear around, cast several explosive icy spells, and smile right into your eyes as she does it. She’s Yanuo, the latest simulacrum coming to Tower of Fantasy, who has gotten her own bespoke preview trailer, just in case you thought we were being over-dramatic in that lede.

“A dependable Executor of Hykros known as the ‘Perfectionist of District 9’ among her peers, Yanuo is an expert at infiltration and camouflage. She is widely considered to be well-tempered, warm-hearted, and efficient, and describes herself as nothing more than ordinary to others. In actuality, Yanuo is an undercover agent of the Heirs of Aida planted in Hykros and has successfully made a friend of Brevey in hopes of gaining access to confidential information about the Tower of Fantasy. Yanuo’s love for role-playing allows her to conceal her true cold, arrogant, and unruly nature to those around her.”

If all of those words don’t make a lick of sense to you, there’s still plenty to enjoy in the video package below, as Yanuo swings her frosty spear Wicked around in spinning attacks, swift strikes, huge sweeps, and at least a couple of big ice-based explosions because that’s how ice acts in anime RPGs. As for the character herself, she’ll be arriving on Tuesday, February 20th.

source: press release
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