Throne and Liberty reasserts a 2024 global launch as NCsoft releases a siege video


Here’s a fun fact: Throne and Liberty is now over two months old on Korean servers. We’ll absorb that information as we continue to wait for NCsoft’s latest Lineage creation to arrive in the west. Fortunately, as we noted this morning, the Q4 investor call confirmed that we should be seeing Throne and Liberty before the end of the year, but the “when” is up to Amazon, the western publisher, to determine.

As we play that age-old waiting game – and continue worrying about the game’s underperformance in Korea – at least there’s a new trailer to experience. NCsoft dropped a nearly five-minute video showing how major castle sieges work in Throne and Liberty. This particular video took a multi-day event with thousands of players and edited it into a coherent end product with the sieges working out in different ways depending on the server in question.

Give it a watch:

Source: YouTube
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