Elder Scrolls Online previews Scions of Ithelia’s Oathsworn Pit dungeon


Let’s do a little vocabulary recap for folks who’ve forgotten some of the important Elder Scrolls Online terms for 2024, and by folks, I mean me: Scions of Ithelia is the name of the dungeon DLC pack and first quarterly release of the year, coming in March. And Oathsworn Pit is one of the two dungeons in said pack. In fact, Oathsworn Pit is the subject of today’s dev blog, in which ZeniMax Online Studios previews what dungeon-diving players can expect (other than loot, though there’s plenty of that too).

“A training ground for Malacath’s most devoted followers, the Oathsworn Pit has recently been overrun by a mysterious new group of Wood Elves,” the studio says, as if it’s not the source of said Wood Elves doing the overrunning. “The God of Curses demands retribution for his fallen warriors, and you and your party have been chosen to act in his name.”

Malacath, of course, is one of the lore’s daedric princes; the team is essentially using the dungeon as a vehicle to explore both Malacath’s cult and the Recollection (those dastardly Wood Elves mentioned earlier).

“Malacath’s an interesting prince. He’s the Lord of Ash and Bone, the Oathbreaker, and the God of Curses, but to Orcs, he’s Mauloch the Lord of the Sworn Oath—Defender of the Betrayed,” ZOS says. “With this dungeon, we explore how Orcs view Mauloch. He might be a vengeful and bloody Daedric Prince—and the Oathsworn reflect this too—but when his followers’ trust is betrayed, he’ll make sure that dishonor is repaid.”

Scions of Ithelia releases March 11th for PC and Mac players and March 26th on console.

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