Overwatch 2’s ninth season adds co-op mission and makes sweeping changes to heroes


You are the champions of the world… of Overwatch 2.

That’s the message that Blizzard is sending out as Season 9: Champions kicks into effect. Not only does the new season begin, but a Cosmic Crisis co-op mission enters the game scene with a four-player scramble to escape an Antarctic base.

Players should also expect sweeping changes “that affect every hero.” Blizzard hopes that these adjustments will lessen the “pain points” of various characters as projectile sizes have been increased, combined HP bumped up by as much as 25%, and a free regen passive effect given to everyone.

The devs also said that they’ve put some work in improving the competitive play scene: “With your feedback, we’ve made new improvements to competitive play that aim to provide more transparency into your progress after every match, plus we introduced a new skill tier and new competitive rewards to earn.”

Source: Overwatch 2, 2
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