overwatch 2

Overwatch 2’s new retro sci-fi support hero, Juno, is playable this weekend

If you're in the mood for an extremely cute retro space-age support hero in Overwatch 2, Blizzard is obliging your very specific tastes with...
I hate you.

Overwatch 2 x TRANSFORMERS collaboration event starts today

I was willing to ignore the fact that Overwatch 2, a sequel that does not even contain the things that justified its initial existence,...

Overwatch 2 discusses general plans for addressing the squishiness of tank heroes

If you're a tank player in Overwatch 2, you probably feel less like a heavily armored wall and more like a pile of sponges....
Theoretically there's a non-jerk version of this out there, but...

The MOP Up: League of Legends’ game modes help to refresh its theme park design

League of Legends' game director explained why the MOBA is adding a Vampire Survivors-type mode to make it more like a "theme park," saying,...
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Overwatch 2 welcomes Season 11 Super Mega Ultrawatch and its community crafted mode

Yesterday started Season 11 in Overwatch 2, but if you're the sort of person who prefers hard facts over a fluffy overview dev blog,...

Blizzard promises a ‘robust footprint’ at Gamescom for WoW, Diablo, and Overwatch 2 celebrations

During not-E3's Xbox showcase, Blizzard hinted very strongly that it would have more reveals and festivities coming later in the summer, which made sense...

Overwatch 2 celebrates over 100M players, adds a new Push mode map, and preps a mythic weapon skin

The dawn of a new season is coming in Overwatch 2, bringing with it new rewards, one new map, and a little celebration of...

SGF 2024: Hands-on with NetEase’s team shooter Marvel Rivals

There are lots of Summer Games Fest embargos still in place and more coming this week, but fortunately NetEase's Marvel Rivals is something I can...

Former City of Heroes developers talk design chaos, sequels, and the MMO’s enduring legacy

Last night, I happened to log into City of Heroes Homecoming just as the team was posting up the promised mega Q&A with former...

Pride Month celebrations begin in DC Universe Online, EverQuest, City of Heroes, and more MMOs

The month of June is Pride Month around the world, and that means that multiple MMORPGs and multiplayer games are going to be celebrating...

The MOP Up: My Time at Sandrock will make you a proper Monster Whisperer

To start off our small news roundup this weekend, let's head over to co-op farm sim My Time at Sandrock, where the devs talked about...
Yay, a thing we didn't want.

Overwatch 2 is killing its Hero Mastery Gauntlet PvE mode at the end of season 10

Blizzard is apparently taking an axe to yet another PvE-esque mode in Overwatch 2 as it winds down Hero Mastery Gauntlet for good at...

Overwatch 2 is once again crowdfunding its OWCS esports prize pool with a skin bundle

Blizzard appears to be making another attempt at crowdfunding an esports competition as it's selling a skin bundle to Overwatch 2 players in order...
Would you like to see something unsettling?

WoW Factor: Exit BlizzCon, for good this time?

Back in 2021, we learned that there was not going to be a BlizzCon 2022. This did not surprise me, and I penned a...

Overwatch 2 ties its mythic skin shop to monetization as it focuses on the impact of ‘unapproved peripherals’

When Overwatch 2 launched its 10th season, one of the big ticket features was a mythic skin shop, but it decided not to divulge...

Overwatch 2’s Season 10 arrives with spunky archaeologist hero Venture

Not every archaeologist is Indiana Jones; some are actually more destructive and insane as they plunder ruins for trinkets and treasures. One such figure...

Blizzard’s return to China has already counted over two million interested WoW players

After over a year of bad blood following the removal of most all Blizzard's games from China, the World of Warcraft studio is poised...

Overwatch 2 premieres a new trailer for its April 16 Season 10 update

For the past several weeks, Overwatch 2 has been highlighting the variety of features that are en route with its April 16th Season 10...
That's silly. You're silly.

Overwatch 2 talks up ‘wide group’ matchmaking and new leaver penalties, Warcraft Rumble fixes bugs

While Overwatch 2 and Warcraft Rumble don't have any overlap in terms of gameplay styles, they both have gotten some recent headlines that are...

Overwatch 2 outlines S10 changes for Wrecking Ball, Venture, Tracer, and more

Overwatch 2's latest dev blog is unsurprisingly all about Venture, the new geotech hero who happens to be nonbinary. Players got to run with...