Overwatch 2 x TRANSFORMERS collaboration event starts today

We showed it to Eliot and this is what he wrote once we edited out the profanity and wailing

I hate you.

I was willing to ignore the fact that Overwatch 2, a sequel that does not even contain the things that justified its initial existence, was crossing over with Transformers. I was not, and am still not, happy about this, but I have largely resigned myself to the idea that I am never going to get anything remotely approaching the online Transformers game I want. But then I was told that I need to write about this because I know far too much about Transformers. Now I have looked directly at the sun during an eclipse and I feel no richer for it.

So yeah. Whatever. Overwatch 2 x TRANSFORMERS. For some reason Optimus Prime has a hammer. Yes, I know the reason is that he’s a skin for Reinhardt, who has a hammer, but Optimus Prime uses an axe. You don’t have to change the animations. They work fine with an axe. Bumblebee, the character who famously sometimes doesn’t even carry a gun, is a skin for Bastion, who is nothing but a pile of guns with a bird on them. Ramattra gets a Megatron skin, since just like Megatron he has four arms, no gigantic fusion cannon, and wears a scarf. “Wait, that’s not like Megatron,” are you saying that? Hush up.

There is a crossover comic which is, I believe, the first time I would describe a comic as something that could have been an e-mail. It does not make me feel any better about things. This upsets me. I am upset now in ways I was not upset before. Oh, Arcee is there too. Hooray.

Source: Press release
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