what is this I can’t even

Thanks, I hate it.

Fortnite adds in the unfortunately named Moisty Palms with its perfect prop disguises

You there! Do you want to shoot people in an area dubbed "Moisty Palms?" No, probably not, but that is the exact level that 
Yes, you should feel sad.

New Frontier launches on Steam with the publisher that supposedly was not connected to the game

Oh boy. Oh, boy. So you all remember Wild West Online, right? Survival sandbox that launched in much the same way that having...

Gamer-oriented ‘Gamer Goo’ lotion vows to ‘banish sweaty palms for good’

I didn't think it was possible to top game-branded Pop-Tarts or candles or bubble tea or Cheez-It, but I was...
A bigger and blacker... oh, god, the jokes are really accidental.

Chinese Final Fantasy XIV players are eating huge amounts of food to win… a fat chocobo

So Final Fantasy XIV has added the Black Fat Chocobo to the game in various regions, and each region seems to be getting...
I thought about this a lot.

Twitch is suing unnamed parties over the flood of offensive content in the Artifact space

Congratulations, Artifact, you made a big impact on video games! Not because of actual players, no, but because your more or less...

DayZ actually launches with version 1.0, conditions in the underworld described as ‘chilling’

The day we never thought would arrive has arrived. DayZ has actually launched version 1.0. It has launched. It's actually arrived at launch. No...
This is my surprised face.

No, private World of Warcraft servers aren’t shutting down for World of Warcraft: Classic

So remember how a whole lot of private World of Warcraft servers justified their operation by claiming that the real reason they were operating was...
This is where you end with your games that require mods. Forever recall this.

Fallout 76 goes on steep sale while fans uncover a Skyrim connection

Ready for a bit of "huh, that's weird" for a Monday morning? We sure hope so because it turns out that Fallout 76...
Yeah, we don't know either.

Hellgate: London is coming back yet again on Steam

Yes, it's happening again. It never stops happening. Hellgate: London is getting yet another lease on life, which at this point may...

World of Warships gets hockey player Alexander Ovechkin as a new captain

It's increasingly clear that World of Warships is just going to give players the strangest possible captains until someone does something about it....
Weren't we in this game at one point?

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch doesn’t include Save the World

You remember Save the World, right? The mode of Fortnite wherein you build a base and defend against zombies? The one that was...
Liches do it with nothing.

World of Warcraft player calculates the size of every character’s… underwear gear

So, what did you do with your life today? Did you sit down and think, "You know, I could use some suspect logic to...

World of Warcraft kicks off Pilgrim’s Bounty while time-locking its anniversary transmog

Here's the good news: World of Warcraft has turned on Pilgrim's Bounty once again, which means that you can jump through some...
Undead tanks. Cool.

World of Tanks pits players against the lord of the tank underworld for Halloween

However you feel about World of Tanks on a whole, it's hard not to appreciate the game's Halloween event this year. After all,...

Activision secures patent for software to trick you into buying cash shop stuff, seriously

Hey, gang, this is absolutely wonderful. Activision has filed and been granted a patent for software designed to push you into buying cash...
So... huh.

Wild Buster is adding Duke Nukem to its lineup… really

Do you still have a deep emotional attachment to Duke Nukem, the star (ahem) of Duke Nukem Forever and endless memes about games which...
The world is broken.

Destiny 2 also has a line of scented candles

She enters your apartment and you stand ready to greet her, wearing your Destiny 2-branded bathrobe. "Come in," you purr, offering her a...
what wait what

Seattle police officer uses a Destiny livestream to discuss a controversial shooting death

Let's see if you can follow the chain of logic here. Police officers in Seattle shoot and kill a alleged burglary victim, resulting in...
Well all right, then.

The lights are back on for Akaneiro… for now

Back in September, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters was more or less shuttered, which meant that your dreams of an ARPG in which you smash...

Final Fantasy XIV makes a surprise appearance at WWE’s Wrestlemania

Professional wrestling is weird. Frequently, that means that it's weirdly awesome, but it's still weird. Case in point, you probably would not have expected...