Club Penguin rogue server shut down following discovery of explicit content

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Everyone was kind of sad when Disney shut down Club Penguin back in 2017, but rogue servers seemed an inevitability given the game’s popularity. The most popular rogue server, however, has been shut down following actions by Disney’s legal team. Which might make the company sound like the bad guy… until you find out that the rogue server was filled with “penguin e-sex,” ethnic slurs, and homophobia. And then you also find out that one of the people who ran it has been arrested on suspicion of possessing images of child abuse.

Because when you look at beloved games that have sunset and you’re deciding which ones you should really sex up for a return, Club Penguin is the one you go forth.

If you’re currently banging your head against your desk in exasperation and muttering about how people just aren’t any good – as you should – you probably don’t want to read all of the details uncovered by a cursory examination on the BBC. It’s actually almost certainly worse than you’re thinking just from that thumbnail description. The one bright spot is that at least the rogue server has shut down.

Source: BBC via PC Gamer
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