what is this I can’t even

These guys.

Introducing the Massively Overpowered Objectivity Guide and App

Friends, enemies, ladies, gentlemen, morphean blobs, and colours out of space, we know that the most pressing question on your mind when you read...
If we do get a new race, of course, everyone knows my biggest suggestion.

Why World of Warcraft’s item level scaling is really, really, dumb

This has been a very stupid week. I know this because any other week, World of Warcraft completely destroying the reason for acquiring new...

World of Warcraft implements undocumented item level scaling in patch 7.2

The reward scaling in World of Warcraft has always been pretty straightforward. At the start of the expansion, everything at max level is a...

Master x Master announces closed beta, adds City of Heroes’ Statesman

Today's good news for Master x Master fans is that the game has a closed beta coming up. The next test will be between...
Well... huh.

World of Tanks had a superbowl commercial, and it’s… something else

So there was a World of Tanks commercial during the Superbowl. That's a thing that actually happened. And you can watch it just below,...

South Korea is airing a World of Warcraft cooking show

Remember that World of Warcraft cookbook? It's heading to the next level. South Korean television will soon feature an entire cooking show based on...
Someone must have had fun with this at some point, right?

Legendary Entertainment is making an e-sports film starring Will Ferrell

Well, it's official: No one gets to act as if e-sports or video games are anything less than mainstream at this point. Legendary Entertainment,...
Support. It's essential.

Albion Online shows off the Keepers of Albion

Since ancient times, the Keepers of Albion have prowled the wilds of Albion Online, rejecting civilization and venerating the wild. The latest lore video...

ArcheAge accidentally implies that it’s a pay-to-win game

"Pay-to-win" is a really tricky term to nail down; everyone has different definitions of winning, and while the broad strokes of the concept are...
The world has become a very strange place.

World of Warships adds Steven Seagal as a six-point commander

Where do the action stars of your youth go when they can no longer single-handedly demolish an enemy navy? In Steven Seagal's case, he's...
Nope, not illustrating this. Have a spaceship.

Player fakes a suicide attempt in EVE Online as part of an extortion scheme

One of the most universal facts about most MMO communities is that we band together when one of our own is hurting or in...
No, be a dude.

Brazilian teenager accidentally dies following League of Legends loss

We have had far too many public service announcements on Massively Overpowered in recent months about things not to do around games. For example,...
Oh, that's who she is.

Overeager Overwatch researchers hack actual accounts to find a fictional character

Account hacks happen. They're unpleasant, but they happen, and you can at least usually point to them happening for logical reasons. Your account got...
Find a work-safe picture for TERA. Good luck.

TERA adds new underwear to the cash shop, you don’t want to see it at work

Are you at work right now? If so, you probably shouldn't be reading this site anyway, your boss would be mad. But your boss...

Someone is already 110 in WoW Legion, plus faction roadblocks for old Druids

If you were a Druid eagerly looking forward to World of Warcraft: Legion who also had a particularly odd set of pre-expansion decisions, you...
Well, this was a little on the nose, wasn't it?

TERA is offering players pigs who do in fact fly

You know all of those crazy things you said you'd do when pigs fly? Well, that's a thing that's happening. TERA has added a...
Yeah, actually, this.

Ragnarok Clicker brings the gameplay of Ragnarok Online to the not-gameplay of clicker games

Did you ever feel like the gameplay in Ragnarok Online came down to just clicking on enemies over and over until they died? If...

Tencent reveals Transformers Online, a team-based Chinese shooter

Do you lie awake at night and think that what would really compete with Overwatch is a team-based shooter based on Transformers? Apparently, the...
Oh, no, I have to list this among my past acting credits!

Editorial: The Warcraft film is absolutely awful

A film does not have to be good to be entertaining. I hold that as a pretty firm truth. Snakes on a Plane, for...