World of Warships adds Steven Seagal as a six-point commander

The world has become a very strange place.
Where do the action stars of your youth go when they can no longer single-handedly demolish an enemy navy? In Steven Seagal’s case, he’s going to World of Warships, arriving as a special six-point commander awarded to players who complete the “Seize Seagal” mission. That mission starts today and runs until December 14th, asking players to simply earn 70,000 base XP over any number of random, ranked, or co-op battles.

For those of you unfamiliar with Seagal’s career, the man is an Aikido black belt who spent a great deal of time in the ’90s beating up environmental terrorists or making movies in which he did so. One of his better-known films specifically involved him beating up terrorists on a boat, hence the connection. You can check out a tongue-in-cheek trailer about the addition just below.

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