Overeager Overwatch researchers hack actual accounts to find a fictional character

Oh, that's who she is.

Account hacks happen. They’re unpleasant, but they happen, and you can at least usually point to them happening for logical reasons. Your account got hacked because you bought gold? Understandable. Someone you used to trust hacked into it and stole a bunch of stuff from you? Again, unpleasant, but it makes sense. Your account got hacked because overzealous Overwatch fans saw that you had a tag relating to the rumored character Sombra and assumed that hacking your account was part of the ARG surrounding the character? That’s… actually, wait, that’s entirely nonsense. And it happened.

And then it happened four more times.

In the vaguest terms, you can understand the chain of logic, since Sombra herself is supposed to be a master hacker. But to the great surprise of no one, it turns out that the hackers who broke into these accounts were rewarded with nothing more than access to the personal accounts of unlucky players with no connection whatsoever to the campaign. This fact did not stop the hackers from posting personal account details to the ARG community, although those details were quickly deleted by administrators. So it may be that the possible inadvertent leaking of Sombra’s identity was a good thing in the long run.

Source: Kotaku

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