Everything is probably fine behind the scenes of No Man’s Sky

This is fine, we're fine, are you fine? Everyone's fine.

No one could blame you for being just a little bit… apprehensive about the radio silence around No Man’s Sky. After a rather controversial launch wherein the whole multiplayer aspect of the game either didn’t work or was never really there (along with various other hullabaloo, but it’s the online part that we’re worried about), the game’s official communication channels have gone from “eagerly vociferous” to “completely silent.” But all is fine, according to a tweet by Hello Games sound engineer Paul Weir:

Whether or not this instills a deep sense of tranquility and resolution in your heart is doubtlessly predicated on how much you trust the statement; there’s no way that the sudden silence isn’t a bit unsettling. Of course, it’s quite possible that all is exactly as it seems and the team is just hard at work on the game’s next patch. Here’s hoping.

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