Vitae Aeternum: Analyzing New World’s ‘content drought,’ comms chaos, and lack of a 2024 expansion

The always cantankerous New World community is in even more of an uproar than usual lately. Go to any of its social media, and...
All right, you live your truth.

The Daily Grind: How open are you with people you know in your MMO of choice?

When I was growing up back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, everyone was wildly adamant about being safe on the internet....
Bad people doing bad things.

The Daily Grind: What’s the most important medium you have for talking with your MMO friends?

There was a time, way back when, that I kept AOL Instant Messenger open on a regular just because it was the easiest way...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO studio offered the best communication this year?

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think ArenaNet's communication for Guild Wars 2 was fabulous for most of 2021. This was... not...

Book of Travels explains how players will communicate without text chat

One of the many, many factors that will set the upcoming Book of Travels apart from your boiler-plate online RPGs is that the game...
We're not friends, right? Good.

The Daily Grind: What do you do to be social in an MMO?

People have been saying to me for years that MMO are less social these days. I've never really understood why; I'm still as social...

GDC Summer 2020: Accessibility shouldn’t be a dirty word in online gaming

I don't know about you readers, but one of the first things I always do when starting a game with voice acting (or movie)...

Lord of the Rings Online returned to service last night, with fresh outages and lag

We return to the ongoing Lord of the Rings Online saga this morning, as Standing Stone Games' MMOs have entered their 10th day of...
You won't believe the things I didn't bother telling you!

Vague Patch Notes: How MMO studio communication and player confidence really work

Here's the funny thing about communication from MMO studios: It's vital to the continued feeling of a healthy game, and yet at the same...

EVE Evolved: EVE Online’s comms blackout will lead to absolute anarchy

All hell is about to break loose in EVE Online for the territorial alliances waging wars in the depths of space following some the...

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG studio had the best communication in 2018?

This past fall, Star Citizen's Chris Roberts raised more than a few eyebrows when he claimed that "no other game shares as much information...

The Daily Grind: How can we solve Reddit’s gaming ‘tragedy of the commons’ problem?

In dealing with the ArenaNet fallout over the last couple of weeks, I started giving serious thought to the Reddit problem in gaming, and...

GDC 2018: Bridging and embedding cross-platform online communities

As this year's GDC coverage is winding down, I am finally coming to the topic I saved for last: community. MMOs are more than just...

Leaderboard: Do you use built-in voice chat systems with strangers in MMOs?

I've been playing a lot of Monster Hunter World when time permits, and while I'm enjoying the game, I've noticed it's been, well, oddly silent....

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG studio has the best communication?

A few weeks ago, we ran a poll asking MMO players how they want developers to communicate. What sparked it was our readers' annoyance...

The Daily Grind: Should MMOs with PvP-focused factions allow cross-faction interaction?

I'm on-board for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth focusing on the factional conflict, but there's a side of the factions in WoW that...

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG developer has the best communication with players?

MMORPG developers come in lots of flavors of communication, with PR and community teams that run the gamut from "oh, we still pay for...
This is fine, we're fine, are you fine? Everyone's fine.

Everything is probably fine behind the scenes of No Man’s Sky

No one could blame you for being just a little bit... apprehensive about the radio silence around No Man's Sky. After a rather controversial...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO studio is best at communication?

Community management has got to be one of the most stressful jobs in the industry. After all, there's nothing like throwing yourself to the...

Crowfall explores the joys of server latency and ability use

Does half a second sound like a long time to you? Of course it doesn't. A second doesn't sound like a long time to...