Crowfall explores the joys of server latency and ability use


Does half a second sound like a long time to you? Of course it doesn’t. A second doesn’t sound like a long time to you because it isn’t. But imagine trying to hit a moving target with a thrown pebble… except you have to wait half a second between when you aim and when you actually throw. That’s the core problem being explored in the most recent development update for Crowfall, exploring how the team has abilities and interactions between players communicate with servers.

That half-second delay is actually a pretty normal amount of delay to have built-in to abilities and their usage so that communication between the server and your client happens normally. In order to avoid making everything client-based (and thus easy to hack) or server-based (and thus too slow to function), the team has added a variety of measures to ensure that abilities fire off at slightly variable speeds… in a way that players ought to never notice. Unless players read the full technical breakdown, anyhow; then they’ll probably notice.

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