No Man’s Sky, the non-multiplayer multiplayer game


If you were confused about just how multiplayer No Man’s Sky was going to be, welcome to the club. Inconsistent (or consistently contradictory) statements from Hello Games on the topic in the long lead up to launch didn’t help.

But since the game’s launch yesterday, players have put it to the test, and we are… not really much closer to the truth. Kotaku reports on one pair of players who found themselves on the same planet and streamed their attempts to meet up, though it ended in failure. That prompted Hello Games’ Sean Murray to tweet that multiplayer (in the game he said was not multiplayer two days ago) is possible, has been anticipated, and will be encouraged.

“Two players finding each other on a stream in the first day – that has blown my mind. We added a ‘scan for other players’ in the Galactic Map to try to encourage this happening. We wanted it to happen – but the first day? We want people to be aware they are in a shared universe. We added online features, and some Easter Eggs to create cool moments. We hope to see those happening… but too many of you are playing right now. More than we could have predicted.”

The subreddit is a predictable melange of hope, frustration, and ragequits from the chargeback generation.

Murray also noted that 10 million species have been discovered in the game.

(We don’t agree with this YouTuber that Murray is “lying,” but we offer it to illustrate why there’s so much confusion.)

Source: Reddit, Kotaku, Twitter. With thanks to tibi, DK, and Kanbe.
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