Ragnarok Clicker brings the gameplay of Ragnarok Online to the not-gameplay of clicker games

Yeah, actually, this.

Did you ever feel like the gameplay in Ragnarok Online came down to just clicking on enemies over and over until they died? If so, good news; that’s exactly the gameplay in Ragnarok Clicker. Until you start leveling up your passive DPS heroes, of course; then the gameplay is “sit there and watch numbers go up.” It’s a clicker game, but using terms, sprites, and concepts from Ragnarok Online as you watch your money catapult upward into exponential digits.

The game itself is fundamentally a reskin of Clicker Heroes from the same developer, with all of the same core mechanics. Of course, since Clicker Heroes itself is a charmingly fun take on clicker games, this is not perhaps the growling indictment it might seem at a glance. You can download the game for free on Steam if you feel like clicking away at the game in an offline form right now.

Source: Steam page; thanks to Kanbe for the tip!
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