Roblox game Piñata Smashlings announces collab event with Care Bears in September


We assure you, that headline wasn’t generated by some LLM plagiarism dispenser; this was written by an actual human who is here to inform you fine readers that the Roblox game Piñata Smashlings is going to be clapping hands with the Care Bears for a crossover event. And yes, we’re just as surprised that the Care Bears are still a thing as you might be.

“This event will craft a unique storyline where the values of caring and sharing are central, enabling both Care Bears and Smashlings characters to work together to overcome challenges and spread joy throughout the Piñataverse. This collaborative approach aims to create a rich, layered experience that resonates with players and honors the heritage of both brands.”

The event is scheduled to run between September 14th and November 15th and promises unique Care Bears-themed Smashlings and accessories, thematic minigames “that reflect the compassionate spirit of the Care Bears,” and a dedicated game area that will be built for the collab.

More information will likely come later, but now everyone here knows this is a thing. And also has the word “Piñataverse” in their personal lexicon whether they like it or not. And while having the Care Bears and sentient piñatas hold hands is cute, the game of Roblox and the company that runs it is extremely problematic, as the further reading below shows, so parents should perhaps bear that in mind if they’ve got tykes looking forward to this event.

source: press release that was also written by a real human
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