Roblox sues toxic player for $1.6M over ‘terrorist threats’ and ‘targeted harassment’ of employees and players

Your approval fills me with shame.

Benjamin Robert Simon, otherwise known as Ruben Sim online, is being taken to court by the devs of Roblox. A suit was filed against him this past Tuesday in California, suing him for fraud and breach of contract to the tune of $1.6 million in damages.

Simon was already banned from the game due to his behavior, including harassing users, using racist and homophobic slurs, sexual harassment, uploading photos of Adolf Hitler; however he would regularly hack other users’ accounts to continue to terrorize the game.

His actions came to a head when he started making “terrorist threats” to Roblox’s devs, where he and a “cybermob” of followers allegedly started posting fake threats claiming that there would be an attack on the Roblox Developers Conference in San Francisco in October. The threats were enough that local police and private security temporarily locked the venue down and performed a search to ensure it was safe. The sweep cost $50K, and Simon has reportedly deleted many of his tweets since.

On top of that, the suit calls out “targeted harassment” of both Roblox players and developers both in-game and on social media. The full filing can be seen embedded below.

Roblox vs Ruben Sim lawsuit by Polygondotcom

source: Scribd via Polygon, thanks to Anon for the tip!
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