Official Site: Roblox
Launch Date: 2016
Genre: Family-Friendly Online Sandbox
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox One

MMO Business Roundup: Krafton and Roblox post Q1 2024 gains while Unity bleeds nearly $300M

Welcome back to another quick roundup of some MMO and MMO-adjacent industry news! And this time around, it's the Oops! All Q1 Reports edition!...
It's not a good game, Beavis.

‘Evergreen titles and robust content pipelines reign supreme,’ says games industry firm Newzoo

We conveniently had a community discussion on the meaning of old-school when it comes to MMOs earlier this week, so consider that required reading...

Walmart now has a digital storefront for real-world goods operating from inside of Roblox

Buying things online from Walmart's website? Like some kind of boomer? That's so last decade. If you want to take your digital Walmart shopping...

Roblox game Piñata Smashlings announces collab event with Care Bears in September

We assure you, that headline wasn't generated by some LLM plagiarism dispenser; this was written by an actual human who is here to inform...

Roblox walks back statements that children earning money is a ‘gift’ and not exploitation of labor

Roblox's PR department has found itself in the unenviable position of providing cover for some dumb nonsense an executive said at GDC this year....

LOTRO Legendarium: Middle-earth’s world integrity is an endangered species in MMOs

Back in 2018, Steven Spielberg adapted the popular novel Ready Player One into a film. It seemed like a great pairing: The master director...

MMO Business Roundup: Jagex dinged by UK government, Roblox AI tools, and Epic v Apple plods on

Do you hear that? It's the rhythmic tinkling bells of Business Cat's collar as she merrily skips forth with another round of industry stories...

Roblox unveils horror-themed games featuring Poppy Playtime and Chucky

Roblox and horror aren't generally things that one assumes would blend together (unless you consider Roblox Corp's own real-world awfulness), but those two tastes...

Q4 2023: Nexon, Krafton, and Roblox all posted soaring revenues in 2023

Welcome back to another MMO business roundup - this one all about financials for some of the companies we keep an eye on 'round...

MassivelyOP’s 2023 Golden Yachties: Best Worst MMO Transmedia Synergy

Welcome back to MassivelyOP's not-so-serious end-of-the-year awards as we present our award for Best Worst MMO Transmedia Synergy. Yes, it's the Golden Yachties series,...

Working As Intended: The hits and misses of our 2023 MMO predictions

We've been offering up an MMO predictions list for Massively Overthinking for years upon years now as our writers and readers prognosticate on the...
Must we?

MMO Business Roundup: Gaming addiction, GTA6, Ubisoft layoffs, Epic v. Google, and more

Welcome back to another roundup of MMO and MMO-adjacent industry news. There's been a lot this week, so we'll keep 'em brief! Addiction: A woman...

The MOP Up: Coop roguelike Inkbound removes all in-game monetization

It's usually the case that a live service title adds more monetization over time, not less. But with action roguelike coop Inkbound, "less" is...

Roblox is forcing remote staff back into the office next year

Roblox is joining the growing chorus of tech companies attempting to force staff - some hired as remote workers - back into physical offices...

Transmedia madness roundup: PUBG’s KFC collab, Animal Crossing’s LEGO figs, and Roblox’s Barbie experience

The strange bedfellows made of game studios and other brands has been A Thing for a while - we've even made a whole Golden...

Roblox sheds 30 ‘talent acquisition’ employees as part of a company plan to improve its profits

We've reported numerous times how the company that runs Roblox has continually seen revenue rise but profits plummet as it outspends those earnings to...
Straight shot.

Perfect Ten: 10 MMOs you’ve already forgotten ever existed

Falling into obscurity and then being completely forgotten is the nightmare of any creative artist. This tragic scenario is compounded when it comes to...

Roblox conference cut short after police arrested an allegedly armed community developer

A seemingly benign Roblox developer conference abruptly turned frightening last weekend when an unruly developer in the crowd was arrested. Games Industry reports that a...

Roblox confirms Quest VR release later this month, PlayStation launch in October

Roblox's bespoke RDC event has once again offered up a list of major headlines for the multiplayer player-generated content platform, but one of the...
Your approval fills me with shame.

Roblox faces class action lawsuit that accuses the game of turning a blind eye to third-party gambling rings

Roblox is once more back in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons, as the company that runs the player-generated games platform is...