New World’s Rise of the Angry Earth revived queues, new servers, and weird bugs


The launch of New World’s Rise of the Angry Earth has brought players back to the game – for better and worse.┬áThe paid expansion launch yesterday doubled the game’s peak player count to 50K, according to SteamCharts – higher than it’s been since last December, in spite of the fact that this expansion cost $30 when all the rest of the game’s updates have been free.

However, the influx of new and returning players has revived lengthy queues on some servers – we’ve seen claims of over 3000 people in some queues for hours and hours – leading Amazon to whip up a new batch of servers to handle the load. As of last night, the studio had brought up one server apiece for US West, US East, SA East, and Europe (Leo, Orion, Phoenix, and Hercules, respectively), but that’s not going to be much help for players with existing characters and no free transfers.

The company has a lengthy list of known issues ranging from borked reward redemption to missing achievements, but players have reported much more concerning problems, like missing quests across some of the upgraded regions – not to mention the attack of the tents.

Source: Twitter
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