Star Trek Online is discontinuing its 3-D-printed ship partnership with Gameprint


There are a whole lot of different ships in Star Trek Online, and considering the customization and personal investment that a player can have in their ships, you’d probably agree it makes no small amount of sense that the game has had a 3-D printing deal with Gameprint for the past six years. Unfortunately, that deal is coming to an end. An official announcement on the game’s forums last night stated that the service is being discontinued from October 31st, 2023.

Why now? The only explanation given is just that the business case no longer makes sense, which translates to the presumption that it cost too much money for too little benefit. Fortunately, you do still have the rest of the month to pick up a ship if you so desire, and the announcement is specifically being timed so players still have a chance to order anything they deeply want. It’s a sad loss of a potential real-life commemorative option, so we hope that you’ve already got your ships ready or have the spare cash this month to grab one.

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