MMOs, unfortunately, do not last forever. When they sunset and close down for good, the whole genre mourns.

Tencent’s battle royale shooter Ring of Elysium will sunset in December

The battle royale bandwagon continues to prove its inability to bear the weight of too many games, it seems. Readers might recall the existence...

Embracer Group is killing off Flying Wild Hog’s Jagex-pubbed Space Punks

The Embracer Group financing catastrophe and failed Saudi investment are continuing to have ripple effects in the MMO and multiplayer genres as now, the...

Evercore Heroes shutters North American server after cutting team and entering maintenance mode

The shakeups surrounding fusion MMO/MOBA Evercore Heroes continues -- and not for the better. This title went into a paid closed beta this past...

The Daily Grind: When has an MMO shutdown notice truly shocked you?

There are a lot of games that we cover that shut down. The majority of those we see coming a mile away, whether or...

Veteran games studio Volition is shuttered as part of Embracer’s restructuring

It's not an MMO studio, but it's still a significant loss for gaming that Volition is being shut down. The studio was owned by...

Indie MMO Gloria Victis and its studio are shutting down on Halloween after a decade online

I'm sorry to report this afternoon that the long-running siege PvP MMORPG Gloria Victis is sunsetting. Polish indie studio Black Eye Games made the...

Albion Online is killing off its Crystal League Championship PvP tournaments in spite of 300K daily players

So Albion Online has some bad news this week: Sandbox Interactive is bringing its long-running Crystal League Championship PvP tournaments to an end, with...

Kakao is effectively sunsetting ArcheAge Unchained, merging it into two remaining western ArcheAge servers

The age of ArcheAge Unchained is over: Kakao and XLGAMES have apparently decided to merge the Unchained servers back into the regular ArcheAge production...

Electronic Arts announces online server shutdowns for three more of its games

It's really hard to know how many people were using online multiplayer or accessing online servers for Dead Space 2, Crysis 3, or Dante's...

Iron Realms puts two of its MUDs into maintenance mode including Starmourn

Those who have dabbled or gone hardcore into the world of multi-user dungeons (MUDs) and text-based MMOs will no doubt recognize the name of...

Kakao partially denies report that ArcheAge will sunset following XLGAMES restructure

Korea's Money Today News has a disturbing scoop on turmoil at XLGAMES that appears to mean layoffs inside the studio - and a closure...

Bandai-Namco will sunset Gundam Evolution after barely a year

We've got some bad news for fans of Gundam Evolution: Bandai Namco is already shutting it down, and though the company doesn't give a...

The Soapbox: The day my son lost his first online video game to a sunset

It was a few weeks back that I walked into our family room and saw my 14-year-old son crouched over the iPad with a...

Niantic is sunsetting Marvel World of Heroes after all – tomorrow, in fact

At the end of June, Pokemon Go company Niantic announced a restructure of its entire business, a closure of its LA studio, the layoff...

The Realm Online’s corporate buyer surfaces with a bizarre website and studio partner

Over the course of June, we learned the sad news that player-led developer Realm Worlds would be shutting down the current version of The...

Call of Duty: Warzone 1.0, Forza Horizon 1, and Forza Horizon 2 all receive their execution notices

It's that sad time of year when the herd is rounded up and stragglers are culled and designated for the virtual slaughterhouse. And so...

So now The Realm Online is apparently being sold to an undisclosed new studio

Last week, player-led developer Realm Worlds announced a shutdown for the current version of The Realm Online, owing to the fact that the game...

Niantic lays off 230 workers, affecting Pokemon Go, in cost-slashing reorganization

The beleaguered Pokemon Go company Niantic has been under fire all year from unhappy players, and now, the company itself is undergoing a restructure...

The Cycle Frontier will sunset in September owing to financial inviability

Five years ago next month, we learned about a new PvEvP "shooter with a twist" that was supposed to incorporate battle royale elements without...
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MultiVersus’ beta has closed down, but still can be played offline for the time being

Over the weekend, the ability to answer "who would win in a fight between Shaggy from Scooby-Doo and Batman (not from Scooby-Doo)" was taken...