MMOs, unfortunately, do not last forever. When they sunset and close down for good, the whole genre mourns.

EG7 Q1 2022 financials: EG7 has canceled Daybreak’s Marvel MMORPG

Remember earlier this month when NetEase announced that Jack Emmert was heading up a new NetEase studio called Jackalope Games, meaning that he was...
Truly a loss.

TERA turns on some rewarding events ahead of the game’s sunset next month

Sorry, TERA fans, but your game is on the chopping block. You didn't need to be reminded of that fact, doubtlessly, but that's where we...

Gearbox is sunsetting PWE’s Forsaken World on November 30

While Forsaken World may not have set the western MMORPG world on fire, there appeared to be enough players out there to snap up...

TERA’s PC version will sunset in June as Bluehole ceases work on the game

Today is the day that TERA's Japanese servers sunset... and unfortunately, the day heralds bad news for the rest of TERA's PC playerbase in...

Online TCG Spellweaver goes into maintenance mode following ‘final update’

A six-year-old online trading card game that once had aspirations of MMOhood is calling it quits, in a fashion. Spellweaver's team announced that the online...

Mobile MMO Warhammer Odyssey is forced to sunset due to ‘malicious attacks’

It has been some time since we reported on Warhammer: Odyssey, the mobile MMO that was first unveiled in August 2019 and soft-launched in...

Ubisoft maintenance-modes Ghost Recon Breakpoint following failed NFT scheme

Let us take a moment to chronicle the brief history of Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The game actually launched back in 2019, though it...

Elite Dangerous has fully canceled console development to prioritize PC

We're sorry to report this morning that Frontier has just announced that it will be canceling console development of Elite Dangerous, essentially sending the...

The Daily Grind: What was the MMO shutdown that hurt you the most?

You probably know this if you've been here long enough, but there was a time when I was known as "the City of Heroes guy"...

Bethsoft is sunsetting its launcher, migrating libraries – including Fallout 76 – to Steam

Hopefully you weren't too attached to the game launcher, as it's sunsetting in early April and Bethsoft is asking players to migrate their...

Post-apoc survival FPS Survarium will sunset in May after seven years in early access

Early access doesn't always mean a game will launch, especially if it doesn't build up a captive audience during that access period. That would...

Just months after supposed angel investment, indie MMO TitanReach has ceased development – again

Raise your hand along with us if you saw this one coming: Indie MMO TitanReach has apparently ceased operation just half a year after...

US Army mil-sim FPS America’s Army Proving Grounds announces a May 5 sunset

America's Army: Proving Grounds, the official free-to-play FPS of the US Army, has announced that it will close up shop after eight years. For...

Element Quest is already sunsetting as devs lament a lack of players and funds

Well, damn: Element Quest, that cutesy MapleStory-esque MMO we covered last month, isn't gonna make it. Developer Musclebird announced on Steam last week that it's...
Punched out.

Kritika:REBOOT is shutting down on February 16

Kritika Online originally was brought over by En Masse Entertainment and lasted for about a year and a half before being shut down by...
We'll just leave this here, then.

Global Agenda is back from the dead at least temporarily, Hi-Rez confirms

Global Agenda has long been a lament in the sliver of the MMO community that loved it. It was a Hi-Rez Studios free-to-play MMO...

TERA is apparently sunsetting its Japanese servers in April

Bad news for TERA players, at least those who played on the Japanese servers: The game is closing down in that region in April. The...

Webzen is closing down five-year-old Mu Origin in the west

Mu Origin is apparently en route to shutdown here in the west. "It has been over 5 years that we have traveled the MU continent...

The Xbox One era is finally, officially over, plus Halo 3 sunsets

It's the end of a monumental era of console gaming, as Microsoft confirmed that it discontinued all production of Xbox One S units a...

Eternal Magic, infamous for alleged plagiarism, has sunsetted as of today

If you can stretch your brain all the way back to the long, long ago of 2019, you might recall that we saw the...