MMOs, unfortunately, do not last forever. When they sunset and close down for good, the whole genre mourns.

LEGO Universe emu Darkflame Universe has released its server source code

In the middle of October we had to report the bittersweet news that the LEGO Universe emulator Darkflame Universe was going to shut down...

Titanfall enters maintenance mode as it’s removed from digital storefronts

For those who were curious about trying out Titanfall, the online FPS from Respawn Entertainment, we've got some particularly unfortunate news. The studio has...

Gamigo just abruptly sunsetted its brand-new MOBA Skydome

If you're currently wondering what Skydome is, well, that was part of the problem. Skydome was a multiplayer 4v4 MOBA hybrid from Brazil's Kinship...

Whatever happened to Spellbook’s MMO roguelike The Yellow King?

Last week, MMO Fallout's Connor mentioned adding The Yellow King to his abandonware list, reminding me that I meant to dig into this game...

Level 5’s Fantasy Life Online shutting down in Japan, but a global version may be coming soon

It's the end of a short era for one mobile MMO, as Level 5 announced that it'll be closing down Fantasy Life Online next...

Pathfinder Online disables all purchasing prior to its closure

Sometimes an MMO shutdown happens faster than you can blink, and sometimes a sunset is a drawn-out affair. Pathfinder Online is taking the latter...

Niantic is shutting down Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, its second sunset announcement of the year

Remember how Niantic recently shut down Catan: World Explorers? Well, it's happening again, and this time to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, on January 31st,...

Fortnite is closing down in China on November 15

One of the biggest names in battle royale is closing up shop in China in the middle of this month. The Chinese version of...

The Stream Team: Bidding a final farewell to Magic Legends

You never like to say goodbye to a game, but that's just what's happening to fans of the ARPG Magic Legends as it officially...

Cryptic gives Magic Legends a one-day stay of execution

Those who want to get their last dose of Magic Legends before its closure have a little more time to do it -- but...

Texas-based PAX South won’t be back thanks to COVID and declining participation

While the COVID pandemic has made us no strangers to gaming convention cancellations, usually announcements of such are followed up by a hopeful look...
Oh, please be all right.

Fallen Earth’s servers are finally back online after two years – Fallen Earth Classic is live

Well, that didn't take long: Just one week after initially teasing Fallen Earth Classic, Little Orbit has got the whole thing online. Downloads were...

Steam silently removes Population Zero from its store but keeps the soundtrack up for purchase

If the pile of user reviews warning players off and our own reporting weren't enough to let you know that Population Zero is officially...

One month away from its sunset, Pathfinder Online is still adding new content

Back in July, we wrote about the impending closure of Pathfinder Online, and now, that closure is almost upon us. At the time, Paizo...

Astellia Online went ahead and sunsetted early this week – RIP

Blink and you missed it: Astellia Online is already gone. Back in August, we covered the news that the MMO and its free-to-play and poorly...

Post-apoc survival sandbox Edengrad has officially (and quietly) been cancelled

It's officially the end of the road for Edengrad, the post-apocalyptic survival sandbox from developer Huckleberry Games, and much like someone caught in the...

LEGO Universe emulator Darkflame Universe is going dark – but not before distributing its source code

Darkflame Universe, the player-run emulator of the long-shuttered MMO LEGO Universe, has been rather quiet for a while now. Readers will recall that the...

Riders of Icarus has apparently sunsetted its only Russian server

Pour one out for Riders of Icarus aka Icarus Online, which apparently sunsetted its Russian server this week. As MMO Fallout first reported, the game...

Niantic is shutting down Catan: World Explorers after a lackluster early access run

Not everything Niantic touches turns to gold -- or becomes an instant hit. Case in point, Catan: World Explorers has been kind of a...

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is shutting down in October

It's almost time to wave farewell to Kingdom Under Fire 2; publisher Gameforge has announced that the title will sunset for good on October 26th,...