PvPvE team shooter Exoprimal enters de facto maintenance mode starting July 11


It would be easy to believe that Capcom’s PvPvE team shooter Exoprimal was something of a fever dream – any game that featured dinosaurs literally raining from the sky seems almost too unreal to believe – but real it was, releasing last July to gamers and unleashing four title updates over that time. Unfortunately it looks as if four content updates will be all the shooter is getting, as Capcom has confirmed it’s basically putting the game into maintenance mode after its July 11th maintenance.

“With the release of Title Update 4, all planned Exoprimal seasonal content has been finished,” the announcement reads, which further confirms that seasonal content will rerun every month, starting with Season 1’s return on July 11th. Additionally, the first three season passes will be available to purchase once again, while weekly, seasonal, and special campaigns and missions will similarly be on a regular rotation.

As for gameplay modes, everything that players can do, whether it’s dino survival, savage gauntlet, or time loop rebellion, will all remain accessible to players, and any spots that aren’t filled up with humans in matchmaking will be occupied with bots. It might not be what one would call a happy ending for the title, but keeping things playable is arguably better than shutting the whole thing down.

source: official site (1, 2)
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