cryptic studios

A PWE studio known primarily for Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, and Champions Online.

Global Chat: Warming up to story-driven MMORPGs

Do you play MMOs for the narrative or ignore the story altogether? There's a sharp line dividing the community on this issue, but MMO...

The Stream Team: Breaking wind threats in Neverwinter

Massively OP's MJ was pretty disappointed to learn that Minsc and Boo did not, in fact, join her in further adventures of eliminating the...

Perfect Ten: 10 strategies to avoid getting fleeced in F2P MMOs

"Nothing is ever truly free," my grizzled Uncle Trigger once told me. "So you got to pay for that there air! Pony up, boy!" While...

Neverwinter brings updates to the Band of Air today, prepares to reopen the Hell Pit September 22

The immediate future of Neverwinter is bringing a different ring and a returning event this week, with today's patch applying previously discussed changes to...

The MOP Up: Valheim comes to Microsoft’s store this month

That kooky Norse survival sim Valheim is sending a raiding party to new shores -- in this case, to Microsoft itself. The company announced...

Neverwinter outlines changes coming to the Band of Air item and elaborates on overall balance rationale

Do you own the Band of Air ring in Neverwinter? Then you're going to want to take a look at a recently announced set...
Not the problem.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 388: Elyon descends through finite care

Justin and Bree discuss WoW Classic's Wrath pre-patch, New World's new servers, Elyon's sunset, Bless Unleashed's sunset, EVE Online Uprising, Star Trek Online's Wil Wheaton, and Temtem's launch, with adventures in LOTRO, Guild Wars 2, and SWG Legends, with a lightning round of MMO questions from the mailbag.

Star Trek Online’s new episode and event go live on PC – here are the patch notes

Today is the day when players of Star Trek Online can tell Wesley to shut up (presumably) through the vehicle of phaser fire. The...

Star Trek Online teams up with Motion Picture’s Ilia for a new task force operation

Wesley Crusher isn't the only familiar face that's gracing Star Trek Online's newest season, as Ilia from the 1979 movie is back to guide...

The Stream Team: Eliminating elemental threats in Neverwinter

Who's the cutest killer in Neverwinter? Boo, of course! Last time, Massively OP's MJ was happy to team up with Minsc and the cuddly...

Wil Wheaton joins Star Trek Online as Mirror Wesley in next week’s Ascension launch

Star Trek Online is well-known for scoring big-name Star Trek names as voice actors, but today's reveal on Star Trek Day might be one...

The Stream Team: Backseat Streaming celebrates Star Trek Day with Star Trek Online

In an era of armchair warriors, we bring you Backseat Streamers! Here, Massively OP’s Chris and MJ get to take a backseat and watch...

Amazon canceled its Lord of the Rings MMO over Tencent complications, Smed’s new game is still in production

Almost exactly four years ago, we first learned about the existence of a new Lord of the Rings MMORPG, backed by Hong Kong-based Leyou...

Neverwinter Q&A puts the kibosh on crossplay, promises a roadmap, and dodges the druid question

Neverwinter executive producer Brett Norton sat for a Q&A livestream last week, fielding a wide variety of questions from players, and if you don't...

Champions Online is giving away character slots and vehicles for its 13th birthday

Champions Online is in the midst of celebrating its 13th birthday - its first under new parent group Embracer and Gearbox. "Happy Anniversary, Champions!" Cryptic...
Effing OOPS

Perfect Ten: The MMO studios that keep whiffing on new projects

Everyone makes mistakes, and that's all right. That's not necessarily a big deal. Yes, this is true when it comes to MMO studios too....
Now my stats are good!

Global Chat: Will World of Warcraft ever give up its raiding fixation?

MMO blog Kaylriene posted a lengthy article recently examining the state of the non-raiding scene in World of Warcraft while comparing it to Blizzard's...

The Stream Team: Neverwinter’s Elemental Evil Adventures

Now that the Undermountain is fully explored, Massively OP's MJ is ready to delve into the next set of Neverwinter adventures. And the emphasis...

Champions Online is reviving its streaming apparatus for its 13th birthday

Look up there in the sky! Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's a new streaming schedule for Champions Online! That's right: Cryptic's underdog...

Massively Overthinking: The real-world value of MMOs

A while back on the MMORPG subreddit, there was a wildly contentious - one might even say transparently provocative - thread declaring that "f...