Roblox unveils horror-themed games featuring Poppy Playtime and Chucky


Roblox and horror aren’t generally things that one assumes would blend together (unless you consider Roblox Corp’s own real-world awfulness), but those two tastes are indeed coming together with a couple of recently released new games (or experiences to use the platform’s parlance) based on popular horror figures.

One of the big-ticket ones is Griefville: Survive the Nightmare, which features everyone’s favorite murder doll, Chucky. This new limited-time game will either cast players as survivors trying to live through the horrors of the titular town or as Chucky himself: Survivors will have to find materials during the day to survive nightmare portals that spawn at night, while the Chucky player will obviously try to do what Chucky does best. Murder, that’s murder, just in case you’re not aware.

Chucky is just the first of other horror figures that are coming to Griefville according to developer RocketRide Games. For now, you can peek at this whole experience in the trailer below.

The other horror crossover happening in Roblox is an official Poppy Playtime game that lets players either team up to escape the haunted toy manufacturer or create and play others’ own Poppy Playtime-themed levels. This one is not a limited-time affair, so those who like killer toys (for some reason) have this as another option.

Finally, Roblox fans are being teased by the game platform with a potential return of the Egg Hunt on March 15th. This event was first introduced in April 2008 and was discontinued in April 2020, so fans are perhaps unsurprisingly excited. Or egg-cited.

sources: official site (1, 2), IGN, Twitter
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