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Some Assembly Required: Grand Theft Online roleplay is a tough nut to crack

A few months ago, I discovered the world of Red Dead Online roleplay. The possibility of interacting with other players and discovering mechanics in...

Legends of Aria’s crypto-spinoff nearly loses IP rights, promises pre-alpha this year

Yep, this one's back on our collective radar again. We're sorry. However, while we don't cover crypto games as a general rule, readers may...

Perfect Ten: The interesting features EverQuest Next promised before it was canceled

After way, way too long, it looks like an EverQuest 3 may be in the works after all. It's been rumored for years, of...
Starting again.

The Daily Grind: Would you play EverQuest Next or Landmark if Daybreak revived them?

I know the big buzz for the EverQuest franchise is the potential for EverQuest 3, given that EG7 has been pitching it to investors....

Funcom celebrates its 30th anniversary as it looks back at Anarchy Online, Conan, and Secret World

It's a landmark year for Funcom, as the Norwegian video game developer celebrates its 30th anniversary. The studio got started making games for the Genesis...

EVE Fanfest 2023: EVE Online’s Havoc expansion will finally let you side with the pirates

Details of EVE Online's latest expansion have been revealed at EVE Fanfest 2023, and the word of the weekend is "chaos." The aptly named...

Perfect Ten: 10 MMO things you can just stop waiting for

Sooner or later we all have to face facts and accept that something we wanted at one point is never actually going to happen....

Roblox confirms Quest VR release later this month, PlayStation launch in October

Roblox's bespoke RDC event has once again offered up a list of major headlines for the multiplayer player-generated content platform, but one of the...

Some Assembly Required: Taking a look at other players’ Craftopia creations

To this point I've been mostly focusing on my personal Craftopia journey in terms of crafting, gathering, and house decorating (such as it is)....

Some Assembly Required: Craftopia’s housing customization options leave a lot to be desired

Well, well, well. Looks like I've finally found a chink in the armor of Craftopia. And it's the portion of the game that arguably...

Some Assembly Required: Trapped by exploration and age progression in Craftopia

I'm sure that this is going to come as a complete and utter surprise to those who have followed my playing of games on...

Cubio is a ‘fully featured sandbox game creation platform’ headed for alpha testing soon

A new game has once again landed in our lap, and it can basically be described as Gameforge's swing at releasing its own version...

Some Assembly Required: A trip around the world in Craftopia for materials and exploration’s sake

One of my favorite things to do in survival sandboxes is explore. Now, I admit that I don't get to feed that need very...

First Impressions: Palia is missing the depth MMO life-skillers are hoping for

"Life-sims" are another of those game genres that I like in theory, but less so in practice. Most have graphical styles I find off-putting,...

Singularity 6 interview: Palia is the cozy cottagecore sandbox to beat as it begins closed beta

The label "cozy" is in increasing danger of becoming a watered-down label thanks to how much it's being used in culture these days. Yet...

Some Assembly Required: Building and fighting to the Industrial Age in Craftopia

As I've written before, I'm pretty much stuck in on Craftopia. The seamless world update has done a lot of good for the sandbox...

Roblox aims to be ‘one of the biggest virtual economies on Earth’ through additional creator monetization tools

Roblox has some immense aspirations for its so-called economy. A blog post from the studio's VP of Economy Enrico D'Angelo offers a broad strokes...

Massively Overthinking: The MMOs we wanted a decade ago

Back in May, MOP's Justin penned a fun blog piece on his Bio Break blog about the games he wanted all the way back...

The Realm Online’s corporate buyer surfaces with a bizarre website and studio partner

Over the course of June, we learned the sad news that player-led developer Realm Worlds would be shutting down the current version of The...
Never mind, I'm not real!

Battle Bards Episode 226: Echoes of MMOs that never were

It’s always highly bittersweet when MMO fans sit back and consider the games that never were — the projects that got far along in...