Lord of the Rings Online leak outlines legendary item revamp


Many Lord of the Rings Online players would finger the game’s outdated, obtuse, and convoluted legendary item system as the biggest sore spot. And despite the studio making noise about addressing this for pretty much forever, a promised revamp has yet to materialize.

This may soon change, as SSG said that an actual revamp is in the works for later this year. In fact, a leak from the alpha forums seemingly confirmed that “Legendary Items v3.0” is being tested behind the scenes. SSG said that the goal of this system is to address the key problems with LIs, including scaling issues, two different types of LIs, no catch-up mechanics, inflexible design, expensive components, and weapon swapping. The new system will introduce socketed gear at level 50 that can be upgraded and enhanced over time as players advance through a “legendary reward track.”

In other LOTRO news, the Farmer’s Faire event is back with some new pets and housing decor for the 2021 season.

YouTuber Louey7 has a breakdown of what this proposed legendary item revamp will do for the MMO:

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