Gamigo investor report promises a ‘great update’ for RIFT in Q1, Atlas Rogues is abandoned


It’s a bit of good news and unsurprising bad news out of the third quarter investor report from MGI, the company that runs Gamigo. In the report’s 14th page, it outlines some general plans for Gamigo’s portfolio of games, which has some interesting tidbits.

One of the biggest statements for MMORPG fans is a promise that RIFT “will have a first great update […] in Q1’22” after admitting that the game had gone on without any updates “for a longer period.” The report didn’t offer any other details, but considering the long drought of significant content to date, this is likely something important for fans to hear, though reaction to the report is understandably skeptical.

Additionally, the report promises that “other projects” for the next year are underway, including a release of Pirate101 for European players, new licenses, new content for existing games (including “larger updates” for Trove, Fiesta Online, and Wizard101), further international expansion, and “porting to new devices.”

The report also acknowledged some bad news in its games pipeline, nodding to the handoff of ArcheAge publishing to Kakao and also noting that the MOBA hybrid Skydome and the PvE-centric Atlas Reactor revival Atlas Rogues both “did not meet expectations and will not be pursued further.” The full report can be downloaded here.

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