Kakao is taking over publishing ArcheAge in the west from Gamigo


It’s the end of an era: The Western version of ArcheAge is getting a new publisher. Come December, Kakao will be running the game in Europe, North America, and Oceania for developer XL Games, effectively ousting Gamigo.

Gamigo had been publishing the title since 2018, when it purchased the assets of Trion Worlds, which had run the game since its launch here all the way back in 2014. And the choice of Kakao isn’t a major surprise; Kakao has served as the western publisher for multiple western titles coming out of South Korea, including Elyon and Black Desert, though Pearl Abyss has since resumed its own publishing of the latter.

Kakao shared a brief message about the philosophy of the game and its Korean and Western versions going forward; the phrase it’s using is “One Global Build – Two Versions.”

“Our build will be synced with the latest version of the game and remain updated, with new content received at the same time worldwide. This, amongst other things, will allow us to listen to and deliver your feedback to developers more swiftly than has previously been done. Whilst we can’t promise every idea and suggestion will be implemented, you will now have a much more impactful voice in the wider ArcheAge community. The two separate versions will remain. Though some changes will be made to both versions, one of our main goals is to deliver the ArcheAge: Unchained experience players have vocally desired from the beginning.”

Gamigo also has an announcement up saying farewell to players and reassuring folks that their accounts will be transferred.

“It is with lots of emotion that today, after 7 years of ArcheAge, and 2 years of ArcheAge: Unchained, we announce that the franchise will move to a new publisher in December. gamigo games and its affiliated sub-companies will no longer be in charge of or involved with any live operation concerning ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained. All of the rights and related duties will solely be with the new publisher Kakao Games directly. Be at ease though as all your items will be transferred! And every item acquired while our shops are open will also be transferred together with all of your characters as well. We are aware that the announcement leaves you with a lot of open questions. We will answer all of them to the best of our knowledge.”

Source: Kakao, Gamigo
There’s a press release now too.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands — November 4, 2021 — Kakao Games will act as publisher for Korean developer XL Games, beginning the partnership representing their groundbreaking MMORPG, ArcheAge. Kakao Games will service ArcheAge in the Americas, Europe and Oceania this December.

Released in 2014, ArcheAge quickly became a fixture in MMO gaming. Featuring an open content, sandbox environment set in the mystical world of Erenor, ArcheAge offers players deep customization of skills and experiences across the mystical land of Erenor. From trading on the high seas, tending a humble farm, being an adventurous rogue and much more, each player’s experience is wholly unique to them.

“We are proud to begin our journey with XL Games, and launch this partnership as publisher for ArcheAge,“ says Kakao Games CEO Kyehyun Cho. “We look forward to being an active part of this groundbreaking MMO, which has brought so many fond memories to players over the years, and supporting new and exciting endeavors under the ArcheAge banner in the future.”

As an initial step in the Kakao Games/XL Games relationship, a global build synchronization will ensure updates and new content arrive for ArcheAge players in North America, Europe and Korea simultaneously. Further changes in support of the game and its valued community will be highlighted in the coming weeks and months.

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