Elyon’s new Paladin class lands in today’s patch along with new gear types and events

It's a sword and board smorgasbord in Elyon today as the new Paladin class has officially dropped. As mentioned before, the Paladin class has...

The MOP Up: Craftopia gets a rush from its bosses

The ultimate PvE dungeon just arrived in Craftopia, challenging players to wade through the elite of the monster corps in an effort to gain...

Elyon suits up the Paladin for her debut later this month

By the Light! Elyon's not quite done adding new classes to the western version of the fantasy MMO. In fact, it's getting ready to...

TERA’s PC version will sunset in June as Bluehole ceases work on the game

Today is the day that TERA's Japanese servers sunset... and unfortunately, the day heralds bad news for the rest of TERA's PC playerbase in...

Pantheon’s Daedrym Ascent is the go-to vacation destination for dragons

If you knew that there was a mountain devoted to all things dragon, would you run in terror away from it or in excitement...

Elyon starts the Porong’s Orb Machine event and does some class balancing in its latest patch

Have you been pondering the orb recently? Elyon is assuming so because its newest event starting with today's patch gives you a whole new...

Elyon plots an ambitious 2022 roadmap with new classes, dungeons, and refreshed PvP

Listen, as we're typing this, Elyon has a grand total of 266 players in-game on Steam. This is incredibly sad, as Elyon - back...

April Fools’ Day around the MMO world, 2022 edition

Whether you love it or dread it, April Fools' Day is happening everywhere, specifically to annoy copyeditors who have to fix that dang apostrophe...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 366: A blunder and a blunderbuss

Justin and Bree discuss Guild Wars 2's next expansion, New World's latest patch, Gamigo's layoffs, Black Desert, and Elyon, with adventures in LOTRO, DDO, GW2, and City of Heroes, plus mailbag topics on MMO longevity and volunteerism in MMOs.

The Stream Team: Backseat Streaming hops into Elyon

In an era of armchair warriors, we bring you Backseat Streamers! Here, Massively OP's Chris and MJ get to take a backseat and watch...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 365: Free Middle-earth

Justin and Bree discuss LOTRO's monetization shift, NCsoft's Throne and Liberty, Albion Online, New World, Elder Scrolls Online, Elyon, and ArcheAge, with adventures in LOTRO, DDO, WoW Classic, Guild Wars 2, and SWG Legends, plus mailbag topics on SSG support and our favorite MMO zones.

Elyon announces PvP flagging, new classes, new instances, progression system tweaks, and more

This year is apparently going to be bringing a whole bunch of content to Elyon. A video letter from the game's producer discusses new...

Elyon and ArcheAge line up huge releases for the coming months

On Thursday, Kakao hosted an informative livestream in which the studio revealed some major updates coming to both Elyon and ArcheAge in the near...

Kakao is set to unveil its game showcase in today’s livestream

Kakao, the company behind MMORPGs such as Elyon and ArcheAge, is getting ready to unveil a brand-new livestream showcase this week. The studio announced...
I'm sad.

Elyon adds new events and raises the level cap in its latest update

Badges? Elyon thinks you'll need some stinkin' badges! See, the game is giving out badges when completing the Commander's Training Field to celebrate the opening...
I love the nightlife, I love being marched in front of an enemy...

Massively Overthinking: How do alts fit into MMORPGs in 2022?

Last weekend, my play group took a second batch of Guild Wars 2 alts to Cantha, and we found ourselves a bit grumbly about...

Kakao’s Project Ares is a new MMORPG called Ares: Rise of Guardians

Kakao has this week announced yet another MMORPG, this one in partnership with studio SecondDive. According to multiple East Asia-centric gaming sites, the game...

The MOP Up: Ravendawn wraps up ‘epic’ Alpha 4 test

The Ravendawn team reported that it recently wrapped up a successful and "epic" Alpha 4 test. Now all attention is aimed at Alpha 5...

Elyon updates its battle pass and balances classes, announces end of Spanish localization support April 6

Elyon is still online and operating, and is still getting some updates of note. Last week saw new rewards to the 1v1 arena and...

Elyon completes its server merging and kicks off growth events in latest patch

Players of Elyon have known about the server merging that was coming, and right on schedule, yesterday's patch has condensed NA and EU servers...