Elyon prepares to sunset in Korea following its western shutdown

Not the problem.

It’s an ignominious end to a once-promising MMORPG. Elyon (previously Ascent: Infinite Realm) has less than a week left before Kakao closes it in the west. But if anybody was holding on to hope that the game would endure in its native Korea, those hopes were dashed when the studio announced that it’s also going to sunset servers there next year.

Kakao said that it’s ending Elyon’s run in South Korea on March 2nd, 2023. It won’t be adding any more content between now and then, not even the new Pulse Shooter class.

With Elyon’s execution date coming quickly, we’ve been looking at the history and ramifications of this troubled MMO. MOP’s Carlo examined why Lost Ark succeeded while this failed, and MOP’s Mia spent some time in the game during these final days.

“I wanted to be able to take you along with me on an adventure, dear reader, but it was just not that interesting. The story was bland, the monsters were bland, and the game mechanics were bland at best. Elyon is the hospital food of MMORPGs,” Mia opined.

Source: MMO Culture
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