OARPG stands for “online action roleplaying game.”

Grim Dawn overhauls nemesis boss spawns, tweaks physical resistance, and rebalances pets

The multiplayer ARPG of Grim Dawn has released another possibly impactful patch that applies some overhauls, updates, and fixes to the experience that fans...

Diablo IV opens public testing of Season 5’s new activities and quality-of-life June 25

Diablo IV has barely had time to let its Season 4 release settle and it's already gearing up for Season 5, and if you're...

Massively Overthinking: Unfair stigmas that follow MMORPGs

A few weeks back, our team was discussing the intersection of survival sandboxes, MMORPG virtual worlds, and gankboxes - and how hard it is...

Blizzard promises a ‘robust footprint’ at Gamescom for WoW, Diablo, and Overwatch 2 celebrations

During not-E3's Xbox showcase, Blizzard hinted very strongly that it would have more reveals and festivities coming later in the summer, which made sense...

Lost Ark’s Summer Heat is live, daring players to confront Echidna in the latest endgame raid

Lost Ark's Summer Heat update couldn't be more appropriate where I am right now under the heat dome in the Northeast US, but fortunately...

LOTRO Legendarium: Am I excited at all for Amazon’s Lord of the Rings MMO?

With all of the recent hullabaloo around New World, I've noticed several mentions of what this may portend for Amazon's Lord of the Rings...

Rejoice: Diablo IV buffs classes across the board and nerfs The Pit

In all virtual worlds, there are buffs and there are nerfs. Both are inevitable, but you generally like to see the former and dread...

Torchlight Infinite is getting a revamp with next month’s Season 5

XD Games' Torchlight Infinite may be a good game, but is it good enough? The studio doesn't think so, not yet, which is why...

World of Warcraft general manager John Hight leaves Blizzard ‘to explore new opportunities and challenges’

The World of Warcraft team and Blizzard at large has seen another one of its long-standing senior devs leave the company. After 12 years,...

Lost Ark’s roadmap heralds dungeon and raid solo mode, T4, and the North Kurzan continent

Lost Ark's really been churning out the content previews this week; just yesterday, Amazon's video on the June content blast was making apologies for...

Lost Ark previews its Summer Heat raid-centric update, says to expect a slower content cadence this summer

As teased, Smilegate and Amazon have indeed given more info on Lost Ark's Summer Heat update, which launches next week on June 19th with...

Path of Exile 2 shares a gameplay overview of the Witch class in latest video

When is a necromancer not a necromancer? When it's a Witch, obviously. If you're the sort of ARPG player who takes the suggestion of...

Lost Ark promises details for western summer content soon, teases a June 19 update that’s full of dragons

Lost Ark fans are once more being reminded that the Korean MMOARPG released in Korea first, meaning that there's some time to wait between...

Realm of the Mad God adds new items, emotes, battle pass, and event in its 15th season

In case you were wondering whether Realm of the Mad God was still rolling along, you can be rest assured that looks to be...

SGF 2024: Path of Exile 2 is fun and satisfying, but it’s still no cakewalk

MJ is MOP's resident Path of Exile person, and I'm sure she'll get the core-fans some red meat once she gets her hands on...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 472: Guild Wars 2 and New World’s wild ride

Justin and Bree discuss New World's console reveal, Guild Wars 2's Janthir Wilds, Legends of Aria, FFXIV Dawntrail's media tour, WoW The War Within, and Diablo IV's expansion, plus adventures in LOTRO, WoW, Project Gorgon, and Ylands.

Diablo IV and Diablo Immortal mark their respective anniversaries with March of the Goblins events

Blizzard is combining two anniversaries into one this week, as both Diablo IV and Diablo Immortal have been in operation for one and two...

Path of Exile projects a late July release for its next expansion on PC and console

Sure, Path of Exile players are likely continuing to dig through the Necropolis league, but very soon they will have to look ahead to...

Lost Ark’s big region merge of South America into North America East has begun

As promised, Amazon has begun the Great Mergening in Lost Ark with today's maintenance release. OK, nobody's really calling it that, but we should....

First Impressions: Corepunk’s MOBA-esque closed alpha was fun – with lots of room to grow

I've got a pretty good poker face, especially when nobody can see my face. So I've been pretty subtle about my excitement for Corepunk...