Path of Exile’s Settlers of Kalguur releases July 26 as QoL previews begin ahead of July 18 livestream


Path of Exile fans now have two dates to possibly write on their calendars: July 18th and July 26th. That’s when there will be a preview livestream and the full release of the OARPG’s next expansion/update respectively. And yes, people used to write things on physical calendars instead of poke them on their phones. It happened. It still happens. Stop staring at me like that.

The announcement of an announcement post confirms not only the date and time of the GGG Live preview showcase (with a teaser trailer to match) but also gives the name of the expansion, Settlers of Kalguur, which will land for PC and console players on July 26th.

Naturally the showcase will focus on this update and its gameplay, but fans are getting some teases of quality-of-life features ahead of time, including ones related to fast travel, harvest actions, and reservation effect persistence. This list will continue to update on a regular basis, so fans will probably want to bookmark the link if they want to keep up-to-date. Bookmarking is also a thing that happened with physical books, for the record.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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