path of exile

Official Site: Path of Exile
Studio: Grinding Gear Games
Launch Date: October 23, 2013
Genre: Gothic Fantasy MMOARPG
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Path of Exile provides an advance look at starter gear for the Endless Delve event

Remember when Path of Exile announced a number of in-game events running through December? Just in case you forgot (or didn't click...

The Stream Team: Going on a post-holiday Heist ‘shopping’ spree in Path of Exile

Not only does Massively OP's MJ dislike shopping, but it can sometimes feel like highway robbery thanks to exorbitant pricing. So, what better way...

Wolcen team teases first Chronicle, Bloodtrail, with Diablo III-esque seasons

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The MOP Up: Shadow Arena pings instead of pongs

Pearl Abyss' Shadow Arena got a lot more friendly this past month thanks to an improved ping system and the addition of login...

Path of Exile announces three events for December, plus the winners of a Hideout competition

Just because Path of Exile won't be releasing patch 3.13 until January to step out of the way for another game's release...

Path of Exile improves its stash tab functionality and fixes bugs

If you like sentences which start with the words "fixed an issue," reading the patch notes for the latest Path of Exile...

The Stream Team: Reviving the Ranger life in Path of Exile

Massively OP's MJ really enjoys her life of crime in Heist, but she is also really missing the life of a Path of Exile...

The MOP Up: League of Legends’ possible stolen identity

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The MOP Up: Runes of Magic gets a headstart on Thanksgiving

It's still early in November, but Runes of Magic has already laid out a tasty spread for its Autumn Banquet in the game....

The Stream Team: Happy Heisting in Path of Exile

Much has been distracting Massively OP's MJ from her life of virtual crime, but she's back at it now! Path of Exile will need...

Path of Exile is adding stash tab folders and sorting in what will hopefully be today’s patch

Grinding Gear Games is apparently stepping back from explaining its new cadence and the delay of Path of Exile 3.13...

Path of Exile’s patch delay stems from lessons learned launching opposite WoW Classic

Earlier this week, Grinding Gear Games told Path of Exile players that it was delaying the release of the 3.13 update and...

Path of Exile pushed its 3.13 patch to January to dodge Cyberpunk 2077’s launch

Grinding Gear Games isn't playing any games with the launch of Path of Exile's next league: The New Zealand studio just flat-out delayed...
Be better.

Path of Exile retools expansion cadence and scope to avoid struggling from another ‘black swan event’ like COVID

If you followed our coverage of Path of Exile's Heist expansion, you already knew the fun fact that Heist was originally being...

Path of Exile previews its next Heist patch with bug fixes and QOL improvements

The next noteworthy patch for Path of Exile should be deployed soon, and it's all about the Heist league (as is usual for...

The MOP Up: Phantasy Star Online 2 hands out more treats than tricks

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Path of Exile brings on another round of Heist improvements in the latest patch

The turning of knobs and tweaking of dials for Path of Exile's latest League continues. Grinding Gear Games has offered patch notes...

Path of Exile begins the process of improving heists with its latest update

The devs of Path of Exile know that the titular heists of its recent League could use a bit of improvement, and...

The Stream Team: Filching is funnest with friends in Path of Exile

Filching is funnest with friends! A life of crime is apparently much better with companions at your side (of either the undead or live...
Welcome to the Heist.

Path of Exile’s developers are working at improving Heist rewards and making Heists shorter

After about two weeks of elegant heist antics in Path of Exile, the developers are hard at work improving the experience. This includes...