Path of Exile’s Steam account is temporarily compromised, sends out scam invites to POE 2 early access


If you saw a message on the official Path of Exile Steam page inviting you to click a link for Path of Exile 2 early access signups, and you clicked on that link, you’re going to want to change your passwords and otherwise take steps to secure your data: That signup link was actually a phishing scam.

As first noticed by MMO Fallout, a “compromised account” got its hands on the Steam page of the OARPG yesterday and posted a message instructing fans to follow a link to apply for early access of the sequel. The fake announcement was quickly taken down, but Grinding Gear Games is still urging fans to take immediate action to secure their accounts. It’s also strongly recommended that virus scans and other online safety measures be taken as well.

sources: Twitter via MMO Fallout
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